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Next PLC has a number of policies and documents that govern the way in which we operate. These are designed to ensure that we maintain a high standard of conduct and integrity, provide support for our employees, and promote health and safety. Once you’re logged into Next Employee Portal, check out of list of employee benefits offered by the Next organization & their policies, documents

Here you will find different policies and documents for your PLC. Policies are basically rules that guide the decisions of an organization. Documents are written statements that provide a detailed description or overview of a particular project, process, procedure etc.

Chemical Policy

At NEXT company, it’s our mission to source responsibly and protect consumers, workers and the environment from harmful chemicals. It is based on ensuring every product meets the strictest legal requirements for health, safety and environmental regulations as well as applicable laws in every country we operate in. This is part of our commitment to source responsibly and protect consumers, workers and the environment.

Tax Policy

At NEXT company, we believe that our approach to risk management and governance in relation to UK taxation should be seen as a demonstration of our commitment to tax transparency, fair dealing, and compliance with all applicable tax rules and regulations. This is also underpinned by the fact that we operate as a responsible member of the wider community and are committed to acting consistently with our values.

Next plc has a long-standing commitment to good governance and ethical business practices. We use our collective knowledge, insight, and experience to take action on tax issues and help clients with their risk management needs.

Human Rights and Modern Slavery Policy

NEXT Company recognizes its responsibility to respect human rights worldwide. We take seriously any allegation of human rights abuse in all its forms, and will not tolerate human rights abuse against individuals within our key stakeholder groups. We believe that individuals should be treated with dignity and respect by upholding internationally recognized human rights principles encompassed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

NEXT PLC is committed to treating all people in our supply chain and throughout NEXT company with dignity and respect, creating safe, healthy and secure environments, ensuring freedom of association and providing fair wages within our supply chains. We also commit to combating discrimination against customers and those who work with us.

Timber Policy

We are committed to sourcing timber only from legal and sustainable sources. Our Timber Sourcing Policy applies to the following types of product which contain wood or materials derived from wood, including (but not limited to) solid wood, board materials, pulp and paper. These products are henceforth referred to as timber products. Our minimum requirement is that all timber products sourced by Next- company only contain material that is assessed or risk mitigated to be at low risk of containing illegal timber prior to purchase.

Protecting Forests through Fabric Choices Policy

we work hard to reduce our impact on the environment and to increase social benefits as much as possible, by only using responsibly sourced timber in the production of our garments. We chose manmade cellulosic fabrics which do not require the use of ancient and endangered forests. We also avoid doing business with illegal and controversial sources that do not represent the Fairtrade principles or humanity rights and those of local communities in a responsible way.

Whistleblowing policy for third parties

NEXT company is committed to creating an environment where everyone can feel safe, comfortable and able to raise any issues of concern or suspicions about any wrongdoing or malpractice. NEXT company operates a whistleblowing policy. The aim of this policy is to encourage employees and other third parties to report their concerns in confidence without fear of retribution, discrimination or dismissal. By setting out clear processes for dealing with these issues, we can make it easier for people to report them in a sensitive way and be confident that we will consider all reports seriously.

Health and safety policy statement

Our people are our most important asset, and our health and safety management system helps us to do our work safely and with consideration for others. We value good communication, clear procedures, training and awareness across our business, and we strive to ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities when it comes to health and safety.

We are committed to providing our people with a safe and healthy place to work, shop and exist. Our health and safety management system is designed to meet our legal obligations and embrace the spirit of health and safety law, codes of practice and other relevant standards.

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy

The Company has a zero tolerance policy against corruption and bribery. We treat all information about possible misconduct with the utmost of confidentiality and no employee of Next plc is permitted to disclose any information about a complaint or investigation to anyone, other than their manager, supervisor or HR personnel appointed by the Company in such matters.

Our employees must take measures to prevent bribery, corruption and other corrupt practices. If a company employee or official solicits or accepts unfair advantage from anyone, it is considered a bribe. A bribe is usually characterized by an offer or promise of any kind of reward. Employees are expected not to receive any form of a bribe from another party to complete their work on behalf of their company.

Cotton Sourcing Policy

Cotton is the fiber of choice for our customers because it feels great, lasts longer, and has a number of environmental benefits. We are committed to ensuring the sustainability and responsible sourcing practices of cotton farmers by reducing water usage, promoting conservation and innovation within their communities and educating consumers on sustainable farming practices. Our cotton is sourced from suppliers who use appropriate farming practices, including efficient water usage and reduction in the use of harmful chemicals.

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