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The Next Employee Portal is an website designed for next employees to access employment information provided by HR department. This website enables you to manage the HR Services like payroll information, Vacation reservations, Shift timings, holiday booking at one place. The Next employee’s portal gives access to access both employee & organizational information from any place, anywhere. This employee portal build a greater transparency, improved communication and engagement between the employees and HR.

Login Procedure
Forgot Password
New User Registration
Employee Benefits
Customer Care

The Key features to adopting an Next employee portal, that posses relevant HR service oriented transaction, Payroll process , policies and documents, book, view or cancel holidays, update your personal details, bank details and emergency contact details, view and print your Payslips, lieu hours breakdown, holiday records, Internal team holidays.

Lets discuss about how an employee could log into Next Portal to enter into NEP account.

You can enter of MiOcado employee portal specially designed for Ocado employees to access employement information. Login to your account with Valid ID & Password to access login page securely.

NEP Login

To log in as an employee, you will typically need a username and password. You may also be required to enter additional security information


To complete registration as an employee, Enter your personal information, such as your name, email address, and contact details.

Forgot Password

It is important to keep your login information secure and to protect your password by using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Employee Benefits

This employee benefits can be a key factor in attracting and retaining top talent, and can help to create a positive and supportive work environment.

 Policies and Documents

Policies and documents are important tools that companies use to establish guidelines, expectations, and procedures for employees.

Customer Support

Customer support may involve helping employees to resolve issues related to their employment, such as employee benefits, payroll, or performance evaluations.

Next Employee Portal Login Procedure

If you’re a new employee of Next organization, We shall guide you in step by step procedure on how to log-in to Next empolyee portal, please follow our login steps carefully to understand.

Next Employee Portal login page
  • Enter your login credentials like registered email address / username and password.
  • Click on “Login” button
  • After successful validation, access your NEP account dashboard.

Forgot Next Employee Password ?

Unable to retrieve NEP account ? If you have accidentally forgot your Next Employee Password, Try to recover or reset your NEP password by entering the employee payroll number and registered email address,

  • On landing to Next employee portal, you can see “forgot your password ?” link above the login button.
  • Click on the link that redirects to the password reset page.
Next Password
  • Enter your NEP account details like Payroll number and Registered email address,
  • Then Click on “Reset Password” button.
  • You shall receive a reset link on your email.
  • On Clicking on the link, Set up a new password.
  • Make sure you enter a strong and unique password (comprising of 6 character length consisting of one number, one symbol at least including alphabets )

New User Next Employee Portal Registration

If you’re a new employee to the NEP? Please Create an new account with NEP (Next Employee Portal) by entering the Payroll Number and a unique password (mentioned in May’s pay slips). You will also need login details like a valid email address and password for logging in.

  • Visit the official website of Next employee portal:
  • After you Visit the official website , On the left side of screen, New User button is visible.
Next employee portal
  • To initiate Next employee portal registration process,
  • Enter
    • Payroll Number
    • Registration Password
  • Then Click on “Register” button to continue.
  • Then a Registration form appears asking you for more details.
Registration process
  • Enter your Email address , and confirm your email address (please ensure that given email is working properly or not before you give)
  • Then Enter your NEP account password, and confirm your password ( Password should be Strong & unique comprising of 6 character length consisting of one number, one symbol )
  • Then Choose the Five security questions of your choice, answer them accordingly. (Remember the questions chosen and answers given by you. )
  • Click on Complete Registration button at the end the process.
  • Once the registration process is complete, you’ll receive the email confirmation for the registered email.
  • Navigate through the confirmation link received on your email address to complete the final registration process.
  • Now You have Created an account with NEP (Next Employee Portal).

Update : Oracle Cloud is accessible for Employee Login . I AM EMPLOYEE

What Is Next plc

The Next plc is a British public retail store with multinational clothing, footwear and home goods store. This retail store was founded in 1864 by Joseph Hepworth. This Retail Group is based in Enderby, Leicestershire, England, UK. It has over 7,000 stores across the UK. More than 45,000 employees currently work in this department.

This clothing store sells its products across Europe. Next operates stores and e-commerce for Victoria’s Secret in the UK. Next plc opened its first store in 1885 in London and began to expand its retail stores across The United Kingdom. Next Company operated both men’s retail stores and women’s clothing stores, becoming a pioneer of the development of chain stores in Britain.

By 2000 Next plc operated over 600 retail stores worldwide generating annual sales of £2 billion per annum. In 2001 Next plc acquired internet retailer Littlewoods from Sir David Barclay for £800 million, which provided it with an online presence with which to compete with clothing retailers such as Marks & Spencer who had already launched their own online retailing operations earlier that year.

Next Plc Employee Benefits

Next organization offers a wide variety of benefits to its employees. Here you can find out a list of employee benefits given below.

  • A comprehensive health benefits insurance plans
  • Wide range of salary benefits and bonus structure.
  • Retirement savings plan benefits.
  • It offers flexible working hours to its associates. Employees can choose their own start and finish times, as well as the days they work schedule. This means that they can fit their work around their personal lives more easily.
  • Company provides employee benefits like vacation and paid time off benefits.
  • The company has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides confidential support for employees who need help dealing with problems such as stress or mental health issues, alcohol misuse or financial difficulties.
  • The company offers childcare vouchers to help with the cost of looking after children while parents are at work. The value of these vouchers varies from year to year depending on the cost of childcare in your area.
  • Employees can join one of three savings schemes: Childcare Voucher Scheme, Share Incentive Plan (SIP) or Save As You Earn (SAYE)

Next Employee Manager Portal (NEP) Benefits

After signing on Next’s Employee Portal which is a self-service HR software designed to find payroll information related to the employment and employers inside the organization. Next allows you to manage HR Service related information through their employee portal to keep track of payroll, vacation, salary, pensions, and benefits, and to update their employee information.

Once you’re logged into Next employee account, Employees can able to browse the employee benefits, great salaries based on their performance. Sign-up bonuses, paid annual leaves, scholarships, and other employee benefits are all added to their monthly, weekly, and hourly salaries. The actual salary report will be available to associates after they have profiled. Some of the benefits listed below. Once you’re logged into employee account, check out of list of employee benefits offered by the organization.

  • Related policies and documents
  • Holiday booking, update your personal details
  • Bank details and emergency contact details
  • View and print your Pay slips
  • Lieu hours breakdown, holiday records, Internal team holidays
  • Along with holiday booking, you could manage payroll.
  • Vacation reservations, Shift timings, organizational information.

Customer Care Information

If any of the employee have any queries regarding Next Employee Portal Oracle, please contact on (0116 3199038). Contact number support will be available between given timings.

  • 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM on Monday to Saturday
  • 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Sunday

How Do I login ?

Use Oracle Cloud to Login into NEXT Portal.